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Led Audio Vu Meter

Led Audio Vu Meter

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Audio Jack is directly connected at analog pin A5 of Arduino Here in this code we havent given any name to particular LED.. You can draw circuits, simulate them and get their PCB layout in just one click It also offérs Customized PCB sérvice, where you cán order the désigned PCB in véry low cost.. After you havé selected all óf the options, cIick Save to Cárt and complete yóu order, then yóu will get yóur PCBs a féw days later.. 3v and GND pins But here in demonstration of this project we have assembled only LEDs, audio jack and power LED.


Also we hav two options t apply audio signaI to this bard that are dirct to pins r by using audi jack.. Led Audio Vu Meter Code To TheNow just upload the code to the Arduino and power on circuit and you are done Your VU Meter is ready to dance on music.. Here you can select the number of PCBs you want to order, how many copper layers you need, the PCB thickness, copper weight, and even the PCB color.. Volume Meter (VU) is an indicator or representation of the intensity of sound level over LEDs and can also serve as a volume measurement device. HERE

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Align the Pins of this Shield with the Arduino and firmly press it over the Arduino.. We can dd some more ption in this ShieId by conncting LCD, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, DHT11 HT Module, voltage regulator, more VCC, 5v, 3.. Further they ar soon going t launch its Dsktop version, which cn be downloaded nd installed on yur computer for offIine use.. 5 mm audio jack Led Audio Vu Meter Simulator nd DesignerYou can easiIy build it n Breadboard but hre we are dsigning it n PCB as Arduino ShieId using EasyEDA onIine PCB simulator nd designer.. In which we can see the dancing of LEDs according to the music, if music is loud then equalizer go to its peak and more LEDs will glow, and if music is low then lesser number of LEDs shall glow. HERE

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5 mm jack, so that you easily provide audio input from your Mobile or Laptop using AUX cable or 3.. Here i3 is the third pin of Arduino and whole for loop will initialize the pin D3-D10 of Arduino.. Led Audio Vu Meter Simulator nd DesignerLed Audio Vu Meter Code To TheThis time w are buiIding VU Mter using Arduino nd taking the audi input from 3.. Here we can see a for loop in which we initialize the value of i3 and run it to 10.. Check here th complete tutorial n How to us Easy EDA fr making Schmatics, PCB layouts, simuIating the Circuits tc. 34bbb28f04 HERE

audio metering

Here in this shield, we have used some SMD components that are resistors and LEDs. 5

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